She MATTERS: iMproving cArdiovascular healTh in new moThERS An application to invite women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy to the Courtois Cardiovascular Signature program

Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP), including gestational hypertension and preeclampsia, are known risk factors for premature CVD. Vascular impairment and ischemic heart disease/cardiac events is even evident 10-15 years after delivery. Existing CVD risk factors, including pregnancy factors, do not predict risk levels well in young females. The postpartum period is an excellent opportunity to prevent the development of atherosclerosis. The study participants will be woman  in the Courtois Cardiovascular Signature Program who have a history of HDP. The objective is to better characterize different cardiovascular risk phenotypes after HDP. Indentifying HDP within the postpartum period can help guide early CVD prevention, management, and risk reduction approaches.