Mrs. Sharon Steinberg – Generous donation

October 5, 2023 / Posts

On September 15th, we were proud to honour Mrs. Sharon Steinberg. Friends, family and colleagues came together at the Research Institute of the MUHC for an informative tour of Dr Cecere’s research lab and to celebrate Mrs Steinberg. 

Heart-in-a-Dish is a project part of the Courtois Cardiovascular Biorepository. Led by Dr Nadia Giannetti, Dr Cecere and Dr Terry Hébert is a translational research platform in which stem cells are created from patient blood samples. These stem cells are grown into heart muscle (“Heart-in-a-Dish”) and studied as personalized models of heart disease with the aim of better understanding dilated cardiomyopathy and individualizing patient treatments, such as Mrs Steinberg’s.   

You will find attached a collage of photos from the event. For the link to the story on our website, please click here. The Story