In 2018, a group of researchers began discussing the creation of a program that could change the future of cardiology. What we know now and what we can achieve using artificial intelligence can make a difference in how we treat patients in the future.


To use state-of-the-art analytic approaches and deep phenotyping to develop and validate individual signatures to optimize and personalize cardiovascular health.

The team

The Courtois Cardiovascular Signature Program is composed of 4 world-renowned cardiologists from the McGill University Health Centre. The Director Dr. Nadia Giannetti, Dr. Matthias Friedrich, Chief of Cardiac Imaging and scientific Director, Dr. George Thanassoulis, Lead in Genomic, and Dr. Abhinav Sharma, Lead in the Digital Health Initiative.

Dr. Nadia Giannetti trained at McGill and Stanford University. She is an attending Cardiologist and an Associate Professor at McGill. She is the Medical Director of the Heart Failure and Transplant Program at the MUHC. She is a co-author of several Canadian Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Guidelines. She has led multiple clinical trials as a local PI. She is the former Chief of Cardiology and is presently the Associate Physician-in-Chief (Department of Medicine) at the MUHC.

Dr. Nadia Giannetti
Program Director, Department of Medicine

Dr. Friedrich has been a Professor and Chief in Cardiovascular Imaging at the McGill University Health Centre since 2015. He is one of the lead figures for developing contrast-free cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) techniques and protocols. He has created an excellent clinical CMR program at the MUHC.

Dr. Matthias Friedrich
Scientific and Imaging Director

Dr. Sharma is a Cardiologist and Active Researcher at the McGill University Health Centre. His expertise in digital health focuses on how to optimize health behaviours to improve cardiovascular health. He founded a “DECIDE clinic” where he focuses on heart failure and diabetic patients with the goal of optimizing treatment and overall health.

Dr. Abhinav Sharma
Digital Health Director

Dr. Thanassoulis is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Preventive and Genomic Cardiology at the MUHC. His major research interests are in the genomics of aortic stenosis and acute coronary syndrome. He also interested in improving the preventive care of youth with a family history of heart disease or cardiometabolic risk factors.

Dr. George Thanassoulis
Genomics Director

Julie has tremendous leadership skills and is proficient in research. With a background in martial arts, Julie applies this same discipline and dedication to her team and the research community.

Julie Lebel
Program Manager

Natalie Gendron is the lead research nurse for the Courtois Cardiovascular Signature clinical team and Project Manager for Heart-in-a-Dish protocol. She has been involved in multiple cardiovascular clinical trials with pharmaceuticals as well as local investigators. She is involved in patient recruitment, data capture and the liaison with Dr. Cecere and Dr. Hebert’s research teams.

Natalie Gendron
Lead Clinical Nurse

Leila Haririsanati is a clinical research coordinator and MD from Iran. She is passionate about patient care. She approaches people with kindness, recruits patients and collects samples for the protocol.

Dr. Leila Haririsanati
Clinical Research Coordinator – CMR Core Lab Reader

Glenn’s heartwarming and loving approach draws people to him. These qualities are important for his role as a research coordinator. Our project is in good hands thanks to this expert recruiter.

Glenn Dean
Clinical Research Coordinator

Mathieu’s goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment for our research participants. He is passionate and inspired by the innovations the project will bring to improve patients’ lives.

Mathieu Leduc
Clinical Research Coordinator

Abigail Sousa is a Clinical research coordinator, recruits patients with passion and charisma. She ensures all research participants have a good understanding of the protocol, have their questions answered and feel valued by participating in this project.

Abigail Sousa
Clinical Research Coordinator

Maggie’s great MRI expertise, and her soothing voice make the MRI exam a much more pleasant experience for her patients.

Maggie Leo
MRI Technologist

Sylvie has a calming effect on her patients, an important aspect when working in MRI. Her high standards and extensive expertise produce excellent work.

Sylvie Gelineau
MRI Technologist
Shannon Donaldson
Research Administrative Assistant

Barbara, a competitive swimmer, attended the Olympics in London during Summer 2012, she finished 6t! Her exceptional organization and dedication not to forget her wonderful personality bring an important asset to the team.

Barbara Rojas-Jardin
Research Administrative Assistant
George Perlman
Data manager

Kathleen has excellent organizational skills. Juggling the responsibilities that come with working in a research setting, Kathleen’s detail-oriented qualities provides great support to the team.

Kathleen Amedee
Administrative Assistant

The Courtois Cardiovascular Signature Program provides resources to the MUHC’s outstanding researchers and healthcare professionals to change the way heart disease is diagnosed and treated.

Jacques Courtois

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